About Us


✓ To become Centre of Excellence in Pharmacy Education and Research, To Provide World Class Professionals & To serve Humanity at Large.
✓ To produce the most competent Pharmaceutical Scientists, Pharmaceutical Teachers, Newer Drug Molecular Biologist, Entrepreneurs, Pharma Managers and Researchers through Quality Education.


✓ To spread the fragrance of learning even to the remote part of our Country.
✓ To facilitate quality Education especially for socially and economically deprived younger generation.
✓ To Equip and Enrich young men and women to meet global challenges in development, innovation and application of technology for the service of humanity.
✓ To install discipline, competency and Character in technicians and Professional Indian to strengthen the nation’s human resources and ultimately to mould a new generation of young scientists and technologists of high order who can meet the challenges in the fast developing technological and scientific world.
✓ To provide world class education foster research and development, evolve innovative applications of technology, encourage Entrepreneurship and ultimately mould young men and women capable of assuming leadership for the society for the betterment of the country.